Comprehensive risk management and main business risks

Risk assessment

In 2019, Grupo Nutresa made progress in the consolidation of its risk, trend and opportunity management model across all its Businesses, thus facilitating its integration with the corporate strategy.

In addition and thanks to our level of internalization of our risk management system at all organizational levels, the Company carried out assessment processes that included the analysis of strategic, operational, financial, climate-related and natural risks. These processes were supplemented with context-based exercises in order to understand the influence of trends on both current and emerging risks, risk assessments in the projects and workshops carried out in the eight business units, commercial networks, cross-organizational companies, international operations and in all the operation centers in Colombia and abroad. For this purpose, the current 24 corporate risks were taken into account, as well as the catalog of associated tactical risks.

Risk, crisis and business continuity management workshops


Employees who received training


Risk assessments at the strategic, tactical and operational levels

Main risks

Volatility in commodity prices and exchange rates.

Mitigating actions
  • Process management by a specialized committee, with permanent auditing by internal and external bodies.
  • Coverage policies with definitions based on risk levels, aligned with the
    dynamics of the market.
  • Highly trained team dedicated to monitoring and negotiating commodities.
  • Exploration of hedging automation processes for having real-time information,
    keeping the context of possible scenarios updated and facilitating the decision-
    making process.
  • Permanent search for new opportunities and models for efficient and competitive commodities sourcing at a worldwide scale.
  • Diversification of commodities, geographies and businesses.
  • Risk analytics applied to the quantification of impacts in complex scenarios.
Main risks

Negative impact of a highly competitive environment on the Businesses.

Mitigating actions
  • Development and enhancement of organizational capabilities focused on the market needs.
  • Strengthening the staff’s talents: passion about customers, consumers and shoppers.
  • Identification of opportunities and threats caused by cultural changes.
  • Brands and Networks Management Model based on the deep and integrated understanding of the market: consumers, shoppers and customers.
  • Leading brands that are highly recognized and appreciated.
  • Effective innovation and portfolio differentiation.
  • Profitable market development based on consumer segmentation.
  • Broad distribution network with value propositions differentiated by customer segment.
  • Attractive propositions with an excellent price-value ratio.
  • High levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Main risks

Regulatory environment with regard to nutrition and health, which has a negative impact on the business.

Mitigating actions
  • Adoption of the nutrition policy defined by Grupo Nutresa.
  • Continuous monitoring of the Company’s environment with the aim of adopting a proactive stance regarding possible swifts in regulations and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Understanding of the needs of the communities and their health and nutrition issues with the aim of contributing to the solution alternatives.
  • Involvement in the discussion about and formulation of public policies.
  • Development of health and nutrition research that allows to improve the quality of life of the population through innovative food propositions.
  • Support to and participation in programs that promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Vidarium: nutrition, health and well-being research center.
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Corporate Risks