Engagement model

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Grupo Nutresa contributes to the development of humanity by acting uprightly and transcendently, with the ultimate goal of being a people-centered Organization. The Company has been actively fostering diverse capabilities among its employees to enhance the necessary skills for managing the stakeholders, enabling the development of an effective engagement and promoting a constructive and participative long-term dialog. This is a constant and progressive process that will allow enriching the materiality analysis and strengthening the sustainability management work.

As its fundamental premise, and according to the guidelines of the AA1000 international standard, Grupo Nutresa applies the essential principles of engagement: inclusiveness, materiality, impact and response capacity in all the relations with its stakeholders. The purpose of this action is to reinforce the processes focused on the identification, prioritization and effective engagement with its stakeholders; to foster a constructive and participative long-term dialog that enables knowing and documenting their expectations in a dynamic and assertive way; to consolidate the relevant findings that make the revision of the materiality matrix’s validity term possible when necessary; and to adapt the work plans of the Businesses.

Stages and Phases of Grupo Nutresa’s Engagement Model

The Company implemented the engagement model in the Coffee, Ice Cream and Cold Cuts Businesses, with the neighboring communities of Medellín, Bogotá and Aguachica (Colombia) as the intervention focal points.

Engagement Purpose

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