In Grupo Nutresa, we celebrate our 100th anniversary by acknowledging our stakeholders, who have made possible what we have achieved and what we will achieve
in our near future.

You represent the value of our present and the inspiration for our future.

We will celebrate our commitment to this future in 2020 as we are convinced that only by being united we will be able to keep building A Future Together.

Scan the code and tell us about your commitment.



Beatriz Elena Muñoz Arenas

Principal of the Los Micos Rural Education Center in Colombia.

“Grupo Nutresa contributes to strengthening and guiding educational and social processes. Its support is essential because, by putting the communities first, it identifies the most relevant needs. We now have a clear understanding of the methodological strategies the Organization has taught us to make social, community-related, academic and pedagogical interventions. Today, were are an institution that is going along the right path, having restored its credibility in our society.”



Jenniffer Soreyn Zúñiga García

Employee from the Biscuits Business, Guatemala

“Balance and harmony are reflected on the work environment, on how important my well-being as an employee is for Grupo Nutresa, and on the opportunity I have to grow both professionally and personally. This is a company that trusts the job I do and lets me take on a leadership role. Additionally, with the social and corporate responsibility campaigns promoted by Grupo Nutresa, we are achieving a positive balance for everyone.



Apolinar Mosquera

Chairman of Asoagriac, project Cocoa Agro-Business Connection, Urabá, Colombia

“For me, everything I have learned from Grupo Nutresa has been very important because it means progress for my cocoa production unit. What we are doing right now, while learning from good practices, is to think about the future, listening, embracing the best ideas and growing.”



Diana Cristina Saldarriaga Zapata

Employee from the Coffee Business, Colombia

“Many people with disabilities end up staying home doing nothing, but Grupo Nutresa has given us the chance to feel as equals. Being an employee of this Organization has allowed me to learn new things every day, teach others about the processes and receive the support from many people. The fact of working for Grupo Nutresa lets me enjoy plenty of time with my family, allows me to pay for my house, support my mom, and give my baby everything she needs.”



Francisco Javier Yepes Arango

Shareholder, Colombia

“Investing in Grupo Nutresa means trustworthiness and soundness. I feel confident they are doing things right and that they care about the adequate nourishment of consumers and the necessary protection of the environment. Owning stock in the Organization is also a way of saving and creating awareness about the reality we are currently living. It is a company where you know there is transparency, as well as noble and clear aspirations.”


Consumers and shoppers

Lina María Torres Montoya

Consumer, Colombia

“I am aware of the importance of healthy and balanced eating habits because I am a sportswoman and I need to know my body and have a clear understanding of what helps me to have a better performance. Having a balanced diet means you have to understand what you should eat and at what time of the day. Grupo Nutresa offers a portfolio of the products I need with wholemeal, low-sugar and fiber-rich components.”



Elcy Beatriz Clavijo Estrada

Manager of La Palma, a small grocery store in Colombia

“For me, family, friends and work represent well-being, as well as being able to sell Grupo Nutresa’s products, which are widely recognized and loved by people because they mean savings, quality, support and reliability.”



Luis Andrés Arcila Piedrahíta

CEO of Piloto S. A. S., one of Grupo Nutresa’s Exemplary Suppliers, Colombia

“We have grown hand in hand with Grupo Nutresa because it demands a great deal from us, but it also provides us with a strong and comprehensive support so that we can fulfill and exceed high standards. We have found in Grupo Nutresa a partner that listens to and helps us in solving problems so that we can be part of a productive chain that produces the best shared results.”



Lina María Sastoque Londoño

Novaventa’s individual entrepreneur, Colombia

“For me, Grupo Nutresa is like a shelter that enables me to make progress and grow. Being one of Novaventa’s individual entrepreneurs allows me to save, get the things I need and help people to buy high-quality products. When people see that I am happy and proud, they want to become leaders just like I have. I know I am making progress when I am on the right track to fulfilling my goals and dreams.”